100 Things About Meow


1. I am a first generation Aussie … my parents were both born in Hamburg, Germany.

2. I spent 3 months living in Germany when I was 9 years old.

3. I have lived at only 3 addresses in my life (apart from when we were in Germany).

4. I am an only child.

5. I am the mother of an only child.

6. I met my husband on New Years Eve 1982.

7. We went out a couple of weeks later, and have been together ever since.

8. I have only owned 3 cars in my life … a Datsun 1600, a Lada Niva 4WD and a Mitsubishi Magna (which I am currently driving).

9. When I was at school, I used to want to be a teacher. Then I was introduced to exams in Year 11 and 12 … out the door went that idea !!

10. I love cats.

11. My favorite colour was always blue, yet I have red accessories throughout my house.

12. I am obsessed with stationery … I love pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, etc.

13. I am a bit of a loner … I enjoy my own company, yet I love being around people also.

14. I have a love – hate relationship with cooking … I love to cook when I want to, not when I have to !!

15. I prefer the inland … lakes and mountains … than the beach (however, it is fun to go to the beach occasionally !)

16. I very rarely go to bed before midnight, and wake up most days at around 6 – 6.30am.

17. My favorite outfit would be jeans and a t-shirt, with thongs on my feet.

18. I don’t really like wearing shoes.

19. I could sit at my computer all day long, if I had the chance (don’t tell anyone, but I often do !!).

20. I have written some poetry in my past, even had one poem published.

21. I love taking photos with my digital camera.

22. I would prefer to work from home, rather than go out to work in an office or something.

23. I still listen to the Bay City Rollers occasionally … I used to have tartan edged jeans, and a tartan scarf. I also had a few Bay City Roller t-shirts.

24. I like to listen to classical music occasionally.

25. I love country music.

26. I cried when I heard that Elvis Presley died.

27. I still love to watch old Elvis movies … no matter how lame they are. I have copies of about 20 of his old movies … they are so cool !!

28. I won’t leave the house with out a bit of eye-liner, blush and lipstick on my face. I very rarely wear foundation … don’t like the feel of it … ick !

29. I use heaps of product in my hair daily … conditioner, mousse, curl revitalizing lotion, hairspray, and sometimes curl-scrunching-gel stuff.

30. I only wash my hair every 4 or 5 days, but wet and condition it daily (that sounds really yuk … I promise you, it looks clean, it is just very dry when I wash it too often).

31. I love to watch Little House On The Prairie, and I am collecting the series on DVD. I also like Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman.

32. I don’t have a green thumb … I am very good at killing plants, indoors and outdoors. I used to have heaps of indoor plants … these days I have only 2 (and a couple of cactii )

33. I do, however, grow very good weeds.

34. I don’t always move my furniture when I vacuum … I just go around it.

35. I don’t always wet wipe my shelves and ornaments … I often just flick a duster around.

36. I have two fish tanks in my house … one is a tropical tank, and has 6 fish in it, the other is a cold water tank, and has 2 goldfish in it.

37. I used to love to read Mills & Boon books.

38. I love to read books by Jeffery Deaver, James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, Faye Kellerman, Jonathon Kellerman, Sue Grafton, Kathy Reichs, and many others.

39. I am keen to learn all about Web Design, am currently doing a short course on it, and collection books about HTML. Don’t be surprised if I have my own website one day, as opposed to my blogsite.

40. I treat my cat like a second child, and my daughter calls the cat her Sister !!

41. I looooooove chocolate, and would prefer to eat it to anything else. Cadbury Dairy Milk, or Cadbury Caramello are my favorites. Mmmmmm !!

42. I love potato chips / crisps. Especially the thin ones, rather than the crinkle cut ones.

43. I love my husband unconditionally. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I don’t know what I would do without him.

44. I know I am overweight, but at this stage of my life, I don’t really care. I am happy, I am healthy, I am not restricted by my weight … I can still do pretty much everything I could when I was slim. I can’t honestly say I like the look of myself in the mirror, but there is more to life than looks. I am a nice person inside !!

45. I am obsessed with my computer. It is my favorite piece of electronic equipment (can I call it that !?!?)

46. I have a large CD collection (I think I need an iPod !!), and am constantly looking for music I don’t have.

47. I have quite a decent size DVD collection, but I don’t always watch the movies I have. It is just nice to have them, in case I get the urge to watch them !!

48. I am a lazy person … If I have a choice between exercise and sitting and reading a book, the book would always win !! I hate to exercise !!

49. It takes a lot of thought to put together this list … I am finding it harder than I thought !!

50. I don’t really like shopping. If I need to shop, I take a list, go only where I need to, then get out of there !! Christmas shopping is the worst …

51. I used to regularly go to the Blood Bank to give blood, but haven’t done it for quite a few years. I had a bad experience one of the last times I went, where I nearly passed out, turned green and nearly vomited. Think I probably should have had more to eat or drink beforehand !! Maybe this has put me off going again, I don’t know !!

52. I smoked cigarettes briefly, when I was a teenager. Very briefly … my mother found out, and … boy, was I in trouble. Did the trick, though … I haven’t touched them since !

53. People (mum, dad, hubby) tell me I often talk too fast, and they can’t understand what I’m saying. I don’t notice it … I can understand me fine !!

54. I think I use too many exclamation marks (!!!) when I type !!

55. I love to type, am pretty fast at it, and can sit and type for hours.

56. I am a hoarder … I can’t throw away stuff. I have stuff stashed everywhere. We only live in a small house, but it is chockers full … every cupboard, every corner, every shelf !!

57. I love my dishwasher … it saves me from washing dishes. However, one of my least favourite jobs is unpacking the dishwasher once it has completed it’s wash cycle !!

58. I like McDonald’s Cheeseburgers … but only if they are meat and cheese only !! Sounds boring, but yummy !!!

59. I would never go Bungee Jumping … no way, no how !! If people were meant to Bungee Jump, we would be born with elastic legs !!

60. I also would never go up in a Hot Air Balloon … those things drop like rocks if the balloon goes down. Na, uh, no way !!

61. I don’t drink tea or coffee. Yuk, on both counts !! I love the smell of coffee, can’t stand the taste.

62. When I am sitting watching TV, reading, or whatever, I twirl my hair. I have done this since I was a child, can’t help myself, really enjoy doing it !

63. I love going camping. Prefer to go camping, than to stay in a luxurious resort. Go figure !!

64. When I am in the water, I have natural buoyancy … my feet and body just float to the surface. Don’t know why, maybe it’s the extra blubber I carry !!

65. My favourite soft drink is Diet Pepsi (or Pepsi Light, as it is now known here). I drink it by the gallon (not literally !!).

66. I probably don’t drink enough water … I know how much I should be drinking, but I rarely do.

67. Not long after I had my daughter, I was found to be suffering from Post Natal Depression. That was a scary few months, but I snapped out of it after going to see a doctor, who diagnosed me with it, and offered me Prozac. I didn’t want to take anti-depressants. That must have awoken something in me, and I quite quickly overcame the depression. It was awful to be out of control of my emotions like that. Fortunately, I only had a mild dose of it. I really feel for women (and men, too) who suffer from severe depression, it must be terrible.

68. I am currently obsessed with Blogging. I find it is the first thing I do when I turn on the computer, and frequently during the day, and last thing at night before I turn off the computer. I like to make sure I post at least once every second day, often daily, sometimes twice a day. I like to go through my blog roll at least once a day, sometimes twice. I also have a list of blogs which I look at infrequently … I like to check these at least every second day. I feel bad if I don’t leave a comment on every blog I read.

69. I enjoy watching “Antiques Roadshow”, which is televised on both Melbourne’s Channel 9, and Foxtels Lifestyle Channel. It is a very interesting program, with some very interesting items shown.

70. I don’t like driving at night, particularly when it is raining. I am OK on city/suburban roads, with lots of street lights, but hate it when driving in the country and there are no lights anywhere. I don’t feel confident at all in that situation.

71. I love going to amusement parks. I love the rides … the scarier, upside-downier, faster, spinnier … the better. Can’t get enough of them.

72. I enjoy going 4WDing, but am always scared that something will break on the car.

73. I used to love to water ski, but find that my centre of gravity has changed somewhat ! It is now harder to get my backside out of the water than it used to be. Oh well !!

74. My husband and I used to go snow skiing most Winter’s. I once got stuck in powder snow, and plowed straight into a tree … must’ve looked like something in a cartoon !! Fortunately, I didn’t get hurt !

75. I sometimes need to hold my nose when I go under water … only when I go upside down, or drop in the water feet first. For some reason, I have never mastered blowing the water out of my nose when underwater.

76. I love to swim, but hate putting my head under water … I don’t like getting my hair wet (unless, of course, I am in the shower!!).

77. When we go away, I always pack too many clothes … I always feel that I need to be prepared for any weather !!

78. I never thought I’d be a good mum, but I don’t seem to be doing too bad a job !!

79. I don’t keep in touch with many of my old school friends, which is a shame. We all seem to have gone our separate ways. My old high school is having a reunion soon, so I hope to go and catch up with some old buddies !!

80. My best friend from high school, who I do keep in touch with, lives in Queensland, so we don’t actually see one another very much. When we do see each other, however, it is like old times … like we’ve never been apart. She is a brilliant diving coach on the Sunshine Coast.

81. I tend to only wear silver jewellery, rather than gold. My wedding and engagement rings are gold, but most of my other jewellery is silver. I don’t mind wearing both … I think it looks good !!

82. I have tried numerous crafts over the years, and have a cupboard full of unfinished projects. I will get back to them all one day.

83. I love almonds, and Marzipan, and could eat myself silly on them. However, neither of them does nice things to my digestive system. I need to stick to small doses !!

84. Likewise with Apricots … they are so yummy, but don’t agree with me.

85. I love Spinach. Popeye was one of my favourite cartoons.

86. I used to love Leif Garrett, when he was a pop singer. These days, he is a down and out loser. His old music is still fun, though.

87. When I was a teenager, I used to buy “Tiger Beat” and “16” magazines all the time. I used to hang all the posters of my favourite stars all over my bedroom walls.

88. I very rarely wear skirts … don’t know why !!

89. I tend to wear short sleeved tops all year around, even in Winter. I do put on a jacket when I go outside. I very rarely wear jumpers … hate them !!

90. I hate getting my hair cut, but love the look of it when I do !! I usually only get it cut every 5 or 6 months.

91. I rarely buy brand-label clothing for myself. Don’t see the point, when I can get the same type of thing for less, without that brand name attached.

92. I have 3 Beanie Kids sitting in my car … one is Otto the German bear, one is Meow the cat, and one is Purr the cat. I think Beanie Kids are cute.

93. I am a TV addict. I check my TV guide every morning and set the VCR for whatever programs I want to watch that day (in case I’m busy, or forget to watch them). I catch up on any unwatched programs either late at night (when I am not blogging!!), or during the day when there is no-one else home, and I have nothing much else to do!! I am currently having withdrawal symptoms, as my VCR has died, and I cannot record anything !!

94. I love ten-pin bowling. My dad, hubby and I were in a league, bowling every Thursday night for about 6 or 7 years. It was great fun. I still have my ball and shoes. I might just have to join a day-time league … should be fun !!

95. I took tennis lessons a few years ago, and even went out and bought myself a nice tennis racquet. Don’t think I will ever be a good player, though … it’s just not me !!! Maybe that goes back to me being lazy (No. 48).

96. I don’t drink alcohol very often … I am a social drinker. My favorite drink would be Southern Comfort and Coke, or Vodka and Raspberry !! I have a sweet tooth !

97. One of my all time favourite movies is Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. It is such an amazing movie, how they trained all those birds. Every time I see a bunch of crows, or other black birds, I freak out !! Creepy !!

98. When I was younger I took ballroom dancing lessons. It was great fun. I met some lovely people. It’s a shame I never continued with it.

99. When I am alone in the house, I always lock myself in. It is something I have always done, and probably always will do.

100. I’m sure there are heaps more things I can write about … maybe I will have to do another 100 things about me !!